WW1 Commemoration, 100 years on

This weekend made us all realise and appreciate the hard work, planning and thought which has been long in the making of a year only to bring the commemoration of 100years to such a sincere and poignant time. All over our land whether young or old we came together to REMEMBER our forefathers, those who in every family gave lives so that we could be here today!

In St. Michaels and All Angles we have created an exhibition of many displays relating to events and circumstances of the climax of the war in 1918 both at home and in the battlefields. The exhibition has been extended until 23rd November to visit or revisit. We have enjoyed a poetry workshop which inspired some wonderful poetry and will follow on the 15 November with a poetry evening at 6:30pm for an hour of music and poetry.

The WW1 concerts on 9th and 10th November were most stirring, they touched the hears of all those involved as well as the audiences. We were delighted to have welcomed the pupils of Tenbury Ormiston High School to bring their moving production of War Horse along as well as a most professional team of technical lads providing light and sound which created the atmosphere it deserved.

Along with the nation, we held a very special armistice service standing in the bright sunlight, remembering so many, and followed with a PEACE lunch in the village hall.

There needs to be more written about this Remembrance 2018 but for now we hold on to the poppies and the doves to take us into the 21st century, to a future of HOPE and PEACE whether we are in our very small rural corner, town or city, on this island or anywhere in the world!

A very big thank you to all who put so much effort and time into a very splendid memory.

We will REMEMBER the, R.E.Pleasted

AGM Chairman’s Report

The village hall has functioned extremely well this year. We have a large amount of regular hires of the hall and have gained yet another two hires this year being social dancing which takes place on a Tuesday morning and alternative Thursday evenings and an active art class takes place on a Tuesday afternoon.
There have been more bookings taken as well as the regular hires. The village hall has been kept in good order, maintenance has been kept up with regular checks in place of electrics, heating and alarm systems. We have had a number of private hiring this year for a variety of uses, the rental income has increased and the hall is used a lot more.

It has been an exceedingly busy year!

I would like to thank all members of the committee for their hard work and dedication; we have worked as a very close knit team, supporting each other. There are also many people outside the committee who helped a great deal, Peter Crownshaw, Eddie and Carolyn Belfield and Ann Wallace.

The website continues to be a good reference of all that goes on in the village and regularly updated.
Regular activities held in the village hall are Tenbury floral Art, Womens institute, St. Michaels Singers, social dancing, art group, Scottish dancing, pilates, mums and tots and coffee mornings.

Arranged monthly events here have been extremely successful starting with a very hilarious and enjoyable old-fashioned new years eve party ,a beetle drive, whist drive and spring lunch, we welcomed a great shindig production following with long preparations for the summer ball which we successfully held at Cadmore lakeside hotel. A summer BBQ and games evening and autumn fete followed on with a unique presentation of a beauty pageant! Yet another variety night took place with a mixture of old favourites and new acts which were most entertaining. We have joined in with WW1 preparations, commemorations and remembrances which I think you will agree have been important to us all.

None of this would happen without such a devout and committed team of people which I am very proud and grateful to have on board.

And now its time after a lot of deliberation for us to look at the house! We have plans a foot to improve the entrance and toilet facilities of our village hall.We are about to apply for planning permission for this project and of course hoping to have some help from lottery funding. This concludes my report for 2018, and look forward to good things for our village hall in 2019.

Thank you. SRP.

Review: Variety Show Night

We hope you agree-“variety” was the word for this event. So varied were the acts that the atmosphere was alive with smiles and laughter with a warm glow from both artistes and audience!

We were fortunate to have Brian and Alison to start us off with a selection of four songs, beautifully sung by Alison accompanied by excellent guitar playing from Brian who also provided some excellent PA sound equipment which backed the other acts also.

Next PJ Walker sang Johnny Cash songs entertained us with some good favorites and again wonderful guitar playing.

The land girls gave us a rendition of first world war songs to commemorate the end of the first world war, accompanied by Kath Ainsworth.

A refreshing act in Rod Vincent, a poet in his own right entertaining and gifted in every way!

After the break we welcomed Shannon back again, who sang three songs with her beautiful and professional singing voice.

John Mosedale sang his own compositions, I’m sure you will agree they were very competent and so amusing.

Emiko Zhang played us some beautiful music on the piano (without manuscript) she was excellent. Emiko is from China and attends St. Michaels College.

Jacqui Cable gave us a warm rendition of two beautiful songs! They were beautifully song accompanied again by Kath Ainsworth. And finally thank you to Alan Hooper who very cleverly and calmly told us some very funny stories.

We were entertained superbly by such a grand group of entertainers and thank them all enormously for their time and efforts.

We hope you enjoyed the evening. A big thank you to Stuart and Eddie in preparing the room and staging and to Stuart for organising the event.