Review: Skittles Evening

A great evening of skittles, team events and individual. A great deal of enjoyment was had by a very big turn out, lots of cheering and shouting went on. Competition was high and a great mix of ages who enjoyed the atmosphere of the evening.

A big thank you to Vernon Albert and his friends who organised the evening- it certainly was a huge success. Thanks to the kitchen girls for preparing delicious ploughman’s suppers. We had a birthday boy—it was a pleasure to sing happy birthday to Jim Franklin and see him blow his candle out.

A very big Thank you to you all for coming and helping to put away chairs and tables at the end!

Thank you,

Review: Beetle Drive

We started the year off with a hilarious, energetic fun game evening of several rounds of beetle drive. A lot of people came out on a cold winters evening and went home happy and warmed up by good fun from such a simple old fashioned game. A great mixture of young and older attended, no cheating occurred or at least very little?

Thankyou to all for joining us, thankyou to Mike and Mary for running the evening.

A good start to our social programme and all tucked up in bed by 9.30pm!

A Message from your committee

Just to keep everyone informed of what’s going on with the village hall.

We have plans in progress to extend the entrance hall and refurbish the toilet facilities. We will shortly be putting in for planning permission for this scheme and applying for a grant from the National lottery. We are actively fund raising for this scheme. We are looking for some good ideas for fund raising activities and events—if anyone has some good ideas how to go about this we would be very pleased to hear from you.

If anyone out there would like to run any events which will assist us in this again we would be very pleased to talk to you. It is very important to keep the facilities of the village hall up to a good standard for the use of the community and YOURSELVES.

Looking forward to discussing your good ideas. Please don’t be shy in coming forward. Please contact me or anyone on the committee.

Yours sincerely,

Stuart Plested

Coffee Mornings 2019

Coffee mornings will take place on the 3rd Friday of each month, we welcome volunteers to offer run a coffee morning, perhaps you would like to run one? Please let us know. The monies made on these coffee mornings will help to go towards funds we will need for the refurbishment of the toilets and new entrance to the hall.

All the profits made this year on events are needed towards our building plans on the village hall so we really do ask you to help support as many events as you can. Watch the notice board, Sword and website for updated information.

New years Eve party

Quite an amazing old fashioned fun filled party was held again in the village hall- filled with a delightful group of people both local and visitors. The tables had been set with candlelight and festive cheer, a wonderful bring and share meal prepared and displayed and a simple no fuss atmosphere as soon as you walked in! And we did, having just landed at Bristol airport from Madeira, so what a wonderful greeting and welcomed great team had put together, Thank you to all who worked so hard to prepare such an evening.

As well as a lovely feast there was a great picture quiz and multiple choice quiz to work on, the shed men sang and played to us and Stuart set to with some hilarious games involving blow up instruments and dancers which I’m not prepared to describe! Fizz at midnight and good wishes bought such a night to a successful and happy end.