KITE – Our Good Neighbour Scheme

We aim to support the community of St Michaels by getting together a group of co-ordinators and volunteers to help people with a specific need. The service is free and the volunteers’s services and time is free but if expenses are incurred a donation will be requested. The scheme is not intended to replace carers and volunteers are no able to provide personal care.

How can KITE help you?

Essentially, by doing things a good neighbour does! But a little more formally, aiming to reach everyone. The scheme might help by:

  • Collecting prescriptions and library books
  • Shopping and running errands
  • Helping ith form filling and letters
  • Walking or feeding pets
  • Practical tasks in the home such as changing a light bulb
  • Making regular phone calls or visits to keep in touch

Who can benefit from this scheme?

Our volunteers are happy to visit anyone who needs help and lives in the parish of St Michaels. You may be:

  • elderly
  • vulnerable
  • isolated
  • a single parent
  • a family
  • a carer

Who are the volunteers?

Volunteers are local people who are prepared to give up their time to help peeople in their community. You may already know them. You help you feel more confident about your safety, all volunteers have been checked and carry identity cards. How do you arrange for a volunteer to visit you?

How to volunteer

Would you like to volunteer for our KITE scheme?

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and helping members of the community, please contact us on Tel: 07393 492467

You will be able to do as much or as little as you like and you can specify the kinf of help you are prepared to give and the times which are convenient for you.

St Michaels Good Neighbour Scheme would like to thank Hereford Diocese and Wychavon Parish Council for their continued support.