The Humans by Matt Haig

Humans, as seen by an alien race, are strange creatures. We look strange, we behave strangely and we have complicated, emotional reactions. We are most certainly not to be trusted with knowledge beyond our capabilities. So when Professor Andrew Martin solves a major mathematical problem, the aliens are forced to send one of their own to Earth to destroy the evidence – a simple task for a superior race. But when this visitor inhabits the body of Professor Martin, he finds himself learning more about humans than he had expected and questions his own beliefs.

This is a gently humorous take on a Science Fiction novel which sheds light on what it is to be human. The group’s opinions were divided. We all agreed that humour is very individual and this novel did not appeal to everyone coupled with the fact that we have few science fiction fans. However, we all agreed that it was well written and some of the concepts were interesting but these could have been developed more fully. Others found it to be a funny, compulsively readable novel.

Pat Mutton