Midsummer Madness at St Michaels

Dear Ros and Pat, Just a quick email to say thank you for a lovely night all your hard work certainly paid off. Midsummer Madness at St Michaels.

As we parked and got out of the car we were greeted by the sound of Tom Wards fantastic Saxophone playing and a view of the lake with the swans doing what swans do! As we turned the corner it looked like a scene from country living magazine everyone looking very smart with glasses of bubbly and the sound of laughter and chatter. Stuart then appeared and reminded me of Leonard Sachs from the Good Old Days when he used to tell people what was about to occur, and we should obey or else!! He was desperately trying to gain some control and order to the festivities by telling everyone to enter the dining room or else! The dining room looked inviting with beautifully decorated tables adorned with flowers and candles which really helped with the ambiance of the evening, a lovely touch. The bar coped well with the influx of people not bothering to order glasses of wine!! just numerous bottles. The white wine being served in ice buckets, something that was greatly needed on such a balmy night. The food arrived promptly and efficiently with everyone getting their correct orders!! The salmon was beautifully moist, cooked to perfection by Pat and her crew and of course the desserts were also fab supplied by the cooks of St Michaels and beyond. The band played the right sort of music for us all to have a dance and/or jig around!! and everyone appeared to be enjoying themselves. I am sure if the weather had not been so warm more people would have been dancing but who could not take advantage of being outside on a beautiful summer evening with a gentle breeze coming off the lake. It really was a lovely night. So well done to the village hall committee and helpers for laying on a superb evening and, of course, to the very lively guests for attending.

See you all soon Love Jenny xxx