Proposed improvements to facilities at the hall

I am writing to you on behalf of the Village Hall committee to let you know of proposed improvements to facilities at the hall.

We are seeking grant aid money to enable us to update the toilet block and main entrance area.

The existing block has served its purpose very well but standards and expectations have changed and we are very aware that the baby changing facilities and those for disabled users in particular, no longer meet current standards.

The hall is now heavily booked for a wide variety of activities and this has highlighted the need to improve not only the toilet facilities but also the entrance area to allow more space and easier access. The existing entrance doors and ramp, with a very small lobby, make the manoeuvring of wheelchairs and buggies difficult and there is no dedicated cloakroom area.

In order to gain grant aid for this project, we need the support of users of the hall and of the wider community. If you feel you could support this project, as an individual or as a group, we would welcome letters of support from you. Please highlight how such improvements would aid or enhance your use of the hall.

Timescales are important as we would like to have this aspect of the application ready for the autumn. If you would like more information, you can speak to me on 01584 819875.

Emailed letters of support to

Written letters of support to Keppel Gate, St Michael. WR158TG