V.E. Day celebrations

To All those who gave so much THANK YOU

8th May 2020 — 75 years on from Victory in Europe!!

In Great Britain  we remembered and celebrated the V.E. day in our small and isolated corners. The bunting and flags went out and we decorated our houses with red, white and blue to acknowledge a truly special day when Winston Churchill announced our small empire had won the second world war with Germany.

Our parents and Grandparents had gone through such restrictions for us and our new world! Food rations, transport difficulties, little work, joining up with the forces, putting lives in everyday danger overseas, abroad and at home, evacuation! Endless and many thousands of stories, some we still haven’t heard!

So our meek recognition yesterday,75 years on was the best we could do.!
Thank goodness for our televised broadcasts, our Royal family and history! Our Queen, such a stalwart, stoic lady did us proud! God save the Queen!!

Our extremely tiny lane in St. Michaels (the lane without a name) held forth with bunting, flags and our amazing soldiers (used for World War 1 commemorations)

The lane looked wonderful and even though we are self isolating, the invitation to walk up and down rang true. At 6pm for just 50 mins, then rain stopped play! there was a delightful gentle flow of locals ambling up and down with a smile on their faces. Music emphasised we ‘ll meet again and many more well known sing alongs. A glass in hand, cake and sausage rolls on the wall and an atmosphere of cheerful hope! There was a great representation of all ages present from a new birth to late 80’s
A rendition of “leaning on the lamppost” by Bryan on the ukulele added to the atmosphere, just before the heavens opened.

25 years ago, we lived on the edge of Birmingham near the Lickey Hills and I remember helping Stuart organise a street party for many! there were all day games, trails sing alongs and long tables down the road with delicious sandwiches, cakes and scones and jelly.Everyone helped decorate, the music blared out and we had a fun day, dancing to” in the mood” till dusk.But it was a cold bank holiday monday and the bluebells weren’t even thinking of coming out!

We at present are blessed by nature.It just surrounds us with glory and has been our saving grace! We live as our forefathers did in expectation, what will be will be, we question constantly the circles the world moves in and we can only do our best! Were we having things too good? We have all learnt a lot in this extremely sad virus filled world and in both war times and virus times and other tragedies, the loss of loved ones is the worst.

At the end of the day on the 8th of may 2020 there was a beautiful rainbow just before dusk, after the heavy rain. LETS HOPE! And from the song AND the dreams that you dreamt of, Dreams really do come true!