Open Gardens

St. Michael’s Village Hall held their third very successful Open Gardens event on 3rd and 4th June and would like to thank everyone who was involved in opening their gardens as well as the many helpers who made it possible. Most importantly, thank-you to the many lovely visitors who made their way to visit on Saturday and Sunday, quite a few, both days!

In 2019 when we tugged with the idea of the wonderful “village fete” again, and realised we weren’t getting any younger and needed a change from lugging chairs and tables, other people’s white elephant stuff, gazebos and umbrellas that blew away to a venue or garden. So, we put on our first Open Gardens and to our delight it was successful, enjoyable, and profitable, which helped with our refurbishment project.

In 2021 we were keen to repeat the open gardens event, especially as people needed their spirits lifting. What better than to come out visit gardens. During the long months of the pandemic it was safer outside and believe it or not people came and gardens were the tonic we could provide! How fortunate we are to live and thrive here!

So here we were again for a third go.

Each time, different gardens have opened, with a unique flavour in each. Plenty of like-minded people come and visit and share their love of gardens and gardening.
We wish to convey our thanks to all involved in making this weekend so successful. The beautiful sunshine while visiting 18 gardens, including our newly refurbished pond area, was the icing on the cake. Your enthusiasm does not wane, your gardens are all so different and amazing; depicting those who live there!
It amazes me that if you are really tired, to go in the garden for an hour seems to have some therapeutic calming and restores energy.
Gardens galore!! Different and new attractions and a chance for people to renew energy and friendships; a chance to talk to people and make connections.

Thankyou to all of you who helped in some way, opening your gardens, help with parking, catering, selling tickets, and raffle tickets, providing delicious cakes and scones, providing excellent plants for sale as well as being there with lovely smiling welcoming faces!

We are fortunate to have an exceptional village hall committee (the latter word meaning committed!) but there are others who have given such time and effort in making this such a grand weekend. The after supper was welcomed by all involved and such a buzz was apparent from discussions and stories of the two days events!
The fete will no doubt come round again, or something new? Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Well done and thank-you.