Flower Workshop

On Saturday morning 25th April there will be a flower making workshop with recycled plastic bottles. We plan to make these large flowers for the Open Gardens weekend. If you would like to join this workshop 10am – 12pm please let Anne Wallace know.

You need to bring your own scissors and you will be expected to use spray paint and a glue gun.

Please can you start collecting large and small plastic bottles.

Thank you for your support.

Sea Shanty night!

What a good job it was that we ordered that extra key of Hobsons! With all those thirsty Sea Shanty Men and over 70 audience guests there was a very busy atmosphere.

By the first half of entertaining is the atmosphere was exhilarating – we had been cheered up no end. the Sea Shanty Men really warmed the cockles of our hearts! Were entertained with a number of songs appertaining to the sea, sailors lives, adventures and deaths! All very amusing and a lot of audience participation! The faces on the audience said it all, lovely glowing faces, laughing most of the time.

Mike Jenner gave a great tribute to Stuart, telling us about his forthcoming voyage around the U.K. this year and his plan to raise funds towards pancreatic cancer research.

I hope you will agree this event was a successful evening of relaxation and good fun! We thank the Sea Shanty Men for their time and entertainment and of course yourselves for coming along. The profits are helping tremendously with our refurbishment funds – THANK YOU.

This was a tonic welcomed by everyone this February 2020, possibly a prescription needed for many during the relevant miseries we are enduring at the present.

We look forward to many future events this year, please keep and eye on the website and noticeboards!

Thank you for your support!!

Ros (Chair, Village Hall)

Burns Night!

What a wonderful night this was, to warm a cold January night up, enjoy a traditional Scottish meal, watch or take part in excellent Scottish dancing and feel the glow of the warm busy atmosphere and the whisky galore!

The day began early with much hard work from the group who prepared the room and cooked the meal. Thankyou to Jane, Pat Cherry, Pam, Chris, Elaine, Carolyn and Ros. Eddie, Paul, Rod, Geoff, Robin were excellent shiftas.

Mark Raybould was an excellent Master of Ceremonies, lovely kilt. Annie was most impressive on the bagpipes and Ganin most enthusiastic on addressing the haggis, complete with authentic accent. Thank you to you all, not forgetting a special address to the ladies again from Ken and excellent display from the Scottish dancers.

A most enjoyable evening, well planned, well supported by you all and another well remembered evening together.

Well done!

Kite Request

As you know our good neighbourhood scheme, KITE provides a number of very useful and needed resources in a number of ways. These may be shopping, dental, hospital, ophthalmic appointments, prescriptions and doctors, a friendly visit or lift to visit a friend, dog walking or chickens fed!

Would anyone in the area of St. Michaels appreciate or require help with garden rubbish collection now and then or any other removal of items ready to be taken to the tip? We need to hear from you and possibly how often?

What ever request you have let us know and please use KITE services and volunteers. Keep them coming!

Dates to be thinking of

We have a very varied program of events in the village hall calendar again this year. One of our main purposes of course is to raise a little more funding to help with our plans for the refurbishment of the village hall.

Open Gardens is planned for 6th/7th June midday to 5pm. Please start thinking of collecting any tombola gifts, plants, books, garden tools, furniture, crafts and any related garden items you think may be used.

Beatle Fest is planned for Sunday 12th July when a series of wonderful instrumentalists, singers and bands will come together and perform Beatles music. Please can you look out for any memorabilia you may have and would be kind enough to lend to the village hall for display. Any photos, posters, souvenirs from those special days 50 years on. We are sure to have a great day!