Review: Variety night 19th October 2019

The variety evening was full of surprises! in fact “the best entertainment in St. Michaels for a long while” was said several times. “By far the best evening we have had in years”

Friends, neighbours, supporters of acts and new and old interested guests came along and proved a most appreciative audience. It was great to see smiling faces and to feel a very warm happy atmosphere in the room.

Our very own Shed men started us off and made us smile! You want to know what mature gents do in a shed? Well catch up sometime and listen to the singing and playing of the tunes we enjoy from the 50’s and 60’s.

Graham Archer played and sang some fabulous tunes, accompanied by his ukulele. He got us singing along. Such a talented performer, a great surprise. Everyone enjoyed his performance and such amusing songs! The five girls from the college (Mexico, Brazil, Poland, Hungary and Mongolia) were brace and talented! A joy to listen to accompanied by ukulele and guitar. It was a pleasure to welcome them and their supports!

Grace and Gelan (autistry) sang to us, each song stole the show! Grace sings like and angel and the lyrics are a joy to listen to. The audience were spellbound.

After the interval Alan Hooper entertained us with his comic stories, very droll, yes subtle, clever and amusing!

The Rotundas were quite amazing, great lyrics to superb music, unusual stories of Birmingham canals and canal life and others. They were dressed for the part and set a great atmosphere.

Angela shared her wonderful ode, she had written to her 80 year old Dad, which was unusual and great to hear, followed by Ros who read two poems from Spike Milligan and Pam Ayres.

Last but not least we were entertained by John Mosedale who was incredibly entertaining and funny with his wide repertoire!

Thanks always go to Peter, Eddie and Stuart for setting up the room and staging, a special thank you to Brian Addys for setting up the sound system, certainly a hard days work, much appreciated.

Our best Variety night so far!
Make sure you get your tickets for next year!

Macmillan Coffee Morning

An excellent McMillan Cancer Coffee morning was held on 20th September 2019 at the Village Hall. Thanks go to Pam and Rod Owens and Cherry and Robin Moore for organising the coffee morning. A brilliant amount of £380 was raised.

Thanks go to everyone who supported this event which helps give support, financial help and emotional help to cancer patients.

Thank you to all.

Ros Plested

Kite Update

Keeping in touch with everyone is very much the message that our Good Neighbourhood scheme continues to use. It was decided at a recent kite meeting that the boundaries of St. Michaels would be looked at and extended incorporating all our known and in need community.

We need you all to tell us about someone who may require help from kite, please remember our many volunteers are willing to help with lifts to appointments, Drs, hospital, opticians, dentists, chiropodist, vet, shopping trips,prescriptions,visits to others, meetings, friends, dog walking and sitting. Maybe even small tasks’ friendly chat, discussion about the newspaper, the garden, what’s going on in the world and St. Michaels.

You may need a lift to church or the monthly coffee morning or to visit a friend, what ever please ask. I have recently used Kite twice, once to take me to the surgery to have stitches removed and the other to do shopping and have coffee as I was unable to drive!

We have had some unusual requests and interesting ones, you would never believe them! So — keep them coming and we’ll do our best! Please ring 07393 492467.

Book Review: Everyone in their Place by Maurizio De Giovanni

Naples 1931, and the beautiful Duchess of Camparino has been found dead of a gunshot wound…or was she smothered? It is up to the solitary Commissario Riccardi and his partner Brigadier Maione, to solve the crime while dealing with their own personal issues.

First Sentence – ‘The angel of death made its way through the fiesta, and nobody noticed’. There is nothing better than an opening which is both compelling and evocative. What is particularly clever is that throughout the story, we have the diary entries of a nameless character. Just when we think we’ve identified the writer; another hint is dropped and we are sent off in a different direction. 

The cast of characters is extensive, yet each character is fully developed and distinct. None are perfect. The most intriguing is Riccardi, who has the gift, or curse, of “the Deed”; the ability to see those who have died by violence—accidents, murder, or suicide—in the last few second of their lives and to hear their final words or thoughts. This ability isolates him from all but a few people. At his side, and ever loyal, is Maione who is married with 5
children, Doctor Modo the medical examiner and Rosa, Riccardi’s childhood nanny who still looks after him.

While the story structure is typical police procedural, it is so much more than that. It is a character-driven novel which is very much about relationships; love, insecurities, passions, and the acts to which one can be driven by love and desperation. The author meshes the characters with the story so skilfully; we feel part of the community.

Yes, the translation can feel awkward at times, particularly the dialogue, but that is easily
forgiven. The quality and complexity of the story overcome any other shortcomings. 

“Everyone In Their Place” is a story of passion and human weakness which was highly recommended by our group of readers, many having gone on to read other titles in the series.

Pat Mutton

Review: Open Gardens

The village hall committee would like to say a very big thank you to everyone who made the Open Gardens event, over 2 days, a brilliant success and a very enjoyable and memorable occasion.

So many people worked hard to created beautiful gardens, plants to sell, books, honey, garden tools, pots, art work, crafts tombola and delicious teas. Of course many helped to advertise, move chairs and tables, prepare scones and cakes, put up bunting and balloons, direct traffic and help car parking.

Our weekend produced a handsome profit of £2,500 which is a huge help towards our needs for the refurbishment and extension of the village hall.

Thanks you so much

Ros Plested