A grateful client of KITE

St Michael’s Good Neighbour Scheme was launched over three years ago. There are now thirteen volunteers who are happy to drive people to Tenbury to shopping and appointments . They come to my rescue when I could no longer driver. When need a driver I ring KITE’s mobile phone. A volunteer will pick up my message and arrange for someone to drive me. But that is no the end of the story. I know all the volunteers and shopping and appointments have become social occasions and when they finish I say “Now, where would you like to go for coffee?”. We can sit and relax and enjoy company and conversation. This is so important for me and I am sure that all of us who use KITE volunteers would like to give them a very big Thank You for their help and time.

Since 24th October 2017 to the 17th March 2020 KITE have help me on 187 days. It is good to keep in touch with friends, who cannot fo out easily, by telephone but better still to go to see them. Occassionaly a colunteer will drive me to a friend’s house and collect me two hours later. This arrangement can work the other way round too.

This is not like a Knit and Natter Group but a Cup and Chat occasion!

Gwen Arnold – a grateful client of KITE.

Our Dear Gwen!

People come and go in our lives – that’s called LIFE! But often there is someone who makes a special difference in your lifeline your community, village or town and what a great gift it is when they do!

Gwen has recently left St. Michaels, having lived on the common for many years turning a little Methodist chapel, Chapel cottage into a beautiful home alongside her lovely husband Tony. They came from Birmingham, Gwen a retired teacher, Tony an accountant spending weekends doing their cottage up in order to live here permanently and welcoming children and grandchildren for hi days and holidays. They both spent a lot of time looking after St. Michaels Church, Gwen especially running the family church services and related activities.

Latterly Gwen has been planning to move and wished to move near son John and family, in Oakham, Rutland. The move has taken a couple of years as there were problems with the original buyers and then of course the Covid 19 situation. It was with great regret on both Gwens side and the communities that Gwen finally moved in July of this year but great news to hear she is happily settled into her new bungalow in Oakham with close family support.

Gwen “gave” so much, a lesson we can all learn! Always putting others first, she wasn’t as mobile as she used to be but by gum she gave and still does her telephone a bashing! Kite, our good neighbourhood scheme of 3 years old was extremely well used by Gwen for shopping, appointments, visits, collecting and taking others to and from her home and the “keeping in touch with everyone” was certainly the right motto for Gwen.

Loved and respected by all, Gwen was always ready to listen, to talk and to help where she could, she enjoyed company and conversation and still does!!

Stuart always visited Gwen on a Tuesday with a list! He would say to me ” I don’t know what I shall do when Gwen moves”, how ironic.

We already miss her and it is strange going across the common and not calling in to Chapel Cottage for a chat, cuppa and chocolate biscuit. Fortunately her land line is now up and going, she would love to hear from you as I feel likewise you would!!

St. Michaels ‘KITE’, Keeping in touch with everyone.

3 Years on!! Our aim, as was 3 years ago when we began is still to support the community of St. Michaels whatever their age and need as best we can.

We have a good group of volunteers and during these sad times of coronavirus another 7 volunteers have come forward (we already had a list of 12 volunteers).

No one knows what a client may need, whether some shopping, or an errand, postal services, prescription and chemist services, visits to hospital, doctor, optician, chiropody appointments and many more. Sometimes a friendly contact, visit or call can relieve isolation and loneliness.

Whatever, someone is looking out for us and in regular contact.


Kite Request

As you know our good neighbourhood scheme, KITE provides a number of very useful and needed resources in a number of ways. These may be shopping, dental, hospital, ophthalmic appointments, prescriptions and doctors, a friendly visit or lift to visit a friend, dog walking or chickens fed!

Would anyone in the area of St. Michaels appreciate or require help with garden rubbish collection now and then or any other removal of items ready to be taken to the tip? We need to hear from you and possibly how often?

What ever request you have let us know and please use KITE services and volunteers. Keep them coming!

Kite Update

Keeping in touch with everyone is very much the message that our Good Neighbourhood scheme continues to use. It was decided at a recent kite meeting that the boundaries of St. Michaels would be looked at and extended incorporating all our known and in need community.

We need you all to tell us about someone who may require help from kite, please remember our many volunteers are willing to help with lifts to appointments, Drs, hospital, opticians, dentists, chiropodist, vet, shopping trips,prescriptions,visits to others, meetings, friends, dog walking and sitting. Maybe even small tasks’ friendly chat, discussion about the newspaper, the garden, what’s going on in the world and St. Michaels.

You may need a lift to church or the monthly coffee morning or to visit a friend, what ever please ask. I have recently used Kite twice, once to take me to the surgery to have stitches removed and the other to do shopping and have coffee as I was unable to drive!

We have had some unusual requests and interesting ones, you would never believe them! So — keep them coming and we’ll do our best! Please ring 07393 492467.



To begin the launch of the “Good neighbour scheme”, called KITE, on the 6th April 2017 a small fleet of kites led by a mixed group of enthusiasts and volunteers were raced up and down the common until they took off, caught the wind and successfully took flight!

This kite flying was a real hit with young and old alike, villagers and councillors alike! Professionals appeared and we all learned such a lot! Infect we believe a new hobby might well become a huge hit and you may well see more of this exciting pastime.

Coffee and biscuits were gratefully accepted by those taking part from Gwen Arnold and her hospitality.

We didn’t however forget the real reason we were there on the common – to raise awareness of the true purpose of KITE – Keeping In Touch with Everyone!!


On Friday 21st April at out monthly coffee morning in the village hall we held a presentation of the format of KITE and the way it works. Volunteers, co-ordinators and scouts were present as well as representatives from the local community support Police, GP practice nurse navigator and WISH.

Brochures were distributed and further explanations of KITE were given by Eric Hudson and Ros Plested with a concluding piece and blessing from Rev. Sian Harris.

Kite was launched and a very happy throng of people applauded. A £100 was raised from Muriel’s square board and Linda’s tom bola stall, this was donated to KITE at the end of the coffee morning launch.


On Monday 24th April, a group of KITE volunteers were invited to take part in the service of dedication and blessing of the new altar table, new dais at St Mary’s church, Tenbury Wells and St. Michaels Good Neighbour Scheme, KITE!

A lovely service was held, led by Bishop Alistair of Ludlow. After the blessing of the altar table and dais, KITE were invited up to be blessed which followed a short presentation of what its function and procedure is all about.

I think at long last, we have flown, launched and been blessed – so now we are OPEN and as we speak, can confirm we are already helping client no 6!! In our first week.

Please don’t be afraid to call and use us, so we don’t float around in orbit!