A grateful client of KITE

St Michael’s Good Neighbour Scheme was launched over three years ago. There are now thirteen volunteers who are happy to drive people to Tenbury to shopping and appointments . They come to my rescue when I could no longer driver. When need a driver I ring KITE’s mobile phone. A volunteer will pick up my message and arrange for someone to drive me. But that is no the end of the story. I know all the volunteers and shopping and appointments have become social occasions and when they finish I say “Now, where would you like to go for coffee?”. We can sit and relax and enjoy company and conversation. This is so important for me and I am sure that all of us who use KITE volunteers would like to give them a very big Thank You for their help and time.

Since 24th October 2017 to the 17th March 2020 KITE have help me on 187 days. It is good to keep in touch with friends, who cannot fo out easily, by telephone but better still to go to see them. Occassionaly a colunteer will drive me to a friend’s house and collect me two hours later. This arrangement can work the other way round too.

This is not like a Knit and Natter Group but a Cup and Chat occasion!

Gwen Arnold – a grateful client of KITE.

Our Dear Gwen!

People come and go in our lives – that’s called LIFE! But often there is someone who makes a special difference in your lifeline your community, village or town and what a great gift it is when they do!

Gwen has recently left St. Michaels, having lived on the common for many years turning a little Methodist chapel, Chapel cottage into a beautiful home alongside her lovely husband Tony. They came from Birmingham, Gwen a retired teacher, Tony an accountant spending weekends doing their cottage up in order to live here permanently and welcoming children and grandchildren for hi days and holidays. They both spent a lot of time looking after St. Michaels Church, Gwen especially running the family church services and related activities.

Latterly Gwen has been planning to move and wished to move near son John and family, in Oakham, Rutland. The move has taken a couple of years as there were problems with the original buyers and then of course the Covid 19 situation. It was with great regret on both Gwens side and the communities that Gwen finally moved in July of this year but great news to hear she is happily settled into her new bungalow in Oakham with close family support.

Gwen “gave” so much, a lesson we can all learn! Always putting others first, she wasn’t as mobile as she used to be but by gum she gave and still does her telephone a bashing! Kite, our good neighbourhood scheme of 3 years old was extremely well used by Gwen for shopping, appointments, visits, collecting and taking others to and from her home and the “keeping in touch with everyone” was certainly the right motto for Gwen.

Loved and respected by all, Gwen was always ready to listen, to talk and to help where she could, she enjoyed company and conversation and still does!!

Stuart always visited Gwen on a Tuesday with a list! He would say to me ” I don’t know what I shall do when Gwen moves”, how ironic.

We already miss her and it is strange going across the common and not calling in to Chapel Cottage for a chat, cuppa and chocolate biscuit. Fortunately her land line is now up and going, she would love to hear from you as I feel likewise you would!!

Before I go to Sleep by S.J. Watson

A good thriller, very gripping and slowly terrifying!

Christine has a very rare amnesia— every time she closes her eyes to sleep, her memory had been wiped out! Her name, identity, past,even the people she loved, all forgotten over night! IMAGINE!!

I think most of us found it a “good read” but possibly a disappointing ending? or conclusion?

It was one of those stories, alike some gripping series you watch on T.V. at present— wondering who is actually telling the truth!

Interestingly enough the author is a male , not as you “feel “it to be a female. He is local, S.J. Watson- from Stourport in Worcestsershire. Other stories he has written are “Second Life” and “Final Cut”. I wonder?


V.E. Day celebrations

To All those who gave so much THANK YOU

8th May 2020 — 75 years on from Victory in Europe!!

In Great Britain  we remembered and celebrated the V.E. day in our small and isolated corners. The bunting and flags went out and we decorated our houses with red, white and blue to acknowledge a truly special day when Winston Churchill announced our small empire had won the second world war with Germany.

Our parents and Grandparents had gone through such restrictions for us and our new world! Food rations, transport difficulties, little work, joining up with the forces, putting lives in everyday danger overseas, abroad and at home, evacuation! Endless and many thousands of stories, some we still haven’t heard!

So our meek recognition yesterday,75 years on was the best we could do.!
Thank goodness for our televised broadcasts, our Royal family and history! Our Queen, such a stalwart, stoic lady did us proud! God save the Queen!!

Our extremely tiny lane in St. Michaels (the lane without a name) held forth with bunting, flags and our amazing soldiers (used for World War 1 commemorations)

The lane looked wonderful and even though we are self isolating, the invitation to walk up and down rang true. At 6pm for just 50 mins, then rain stopped play! there was a delightful gentle flow of locals ambling up and down with a smile on their faces. Music emphasised we ‘ll meet again and many more well known sing alongs. A glass in hand, cake and sausage rolls on the wall and an atmosphere of cheerful hope! There was a great representation of all ages present from a new birth to late 80’s
A rendition of “leaning on the lamppost” by Bryan on the ukulele added to the atmosphere, just before the heavens opened.

25 years ago, we lived on the edge of Birmingham near the Lickey Hills and I remember helping Stuart organise a street party for many! there were all day games, trails sing alongs and long tables down the road with delicious sandwiches, cakes and scones and jelly.Everyone helped decorate, the music blared out and we had a fun day, dancing to” in the mood” till dusk.But it was a cold bank holiday monday and the bluebells weren’t even thinking of coming out!

We at present are blessed by nature.It just surrounds us with glory and has been our saving grace! We live as our forefathers did in expectation, what will be will be, we question constantly the circles the world moves in and we can only do our best! Were we having things too good? We have all learnt a lot in this extremely sad virus filled world and in both war times and virus times and other tragedies, the loss of loved ones is the worst.

At the end of the day on the 8th of may 2020 there was a beautiful rainbow just before dusk, after the heavy rain. LETS HOPE! And from the song AND the dreams that you dreamt of, Dreams really do come true!

Open Gardens 2020

As with many events this year we had to cancel the Open Gardens. We hope to run this event again in June 2021. Here are a few photos from the gardens:

Here are some photos from last years Open Gardens:

St. Michaels ‘KITE’, Keeping in touch with everyone.

3 Years on!! Our aim, as was 3 years ago when we began is still to support the community of St. Michaels whatever their age and need as best we can.

We have a good group of volunteers and during these sad times of coronavirus another 7 volunteers have come forward (we already had a list of 12 volunteers).

No one knows what a client may need, whether some shopping, or an errand, postal services, prescription and chemist services, visits to hospital, doctor, optician, chiropody appointments and many more. Sometimes a friendly contact, visit or call can relieve isolation and loneliness.

Whatever, someone is looking out for us and in regular contact.


Village Hall Extension

It is with great joy I wish to announce to you all that we have been offered a grant from the national lottery fund towards the refurbishment of our village hall at St Michael’s. We are returning the contract soon in agreement to this wonderful offer and hope building will begin as soon as the builder is able.

My many thanks go to Eric Hudson, Pat Mutton and Stuart Plested for the hard work, many meetings and determination in getting the applications prepared. This didn’t happen overnight, almost 3 years!

Thanks go to you all for your supporting events and activities which have helped raise funds along with a brilliant committee, who have all helped to match fund our final sum required. Well done to all, a little uplifting news in these very sad and worrying times.

Ros Plested, chair.

The Roebuck Inn and Shop

The Roebuck Shop

Fresh Bread, Milk, Meats, Fruit and Veg, Newspapers and magazines. Are ALL delivered to the shop fresh daily.

Orders to be made via 01584 711 127.

Home delivery available for those Elderly or in isolation

The Roebuck Inn – Takeaway Menu All £8.00

  • All-day breakfast
  • Sausage, Chips and beans/peas
  • Fish, Chips and beans/peas
  • Scampi, Chips and beans/peas
  • Lasagne and Chips
  • Jacket Potato and chilli con carne
  • Fishcakes , Chips and peas
  • Burger and Chips

All subject to availability. To order, please call either 01581 711 827, 07980 275 020 or 07483 361 896

Beatlefest 12th July

50 years on from Abbey Road and the boys are still very much with us! Well they will be this year at St Michaels village hall on 12th July at our Beatlefest. There will be many performing for you singing sons and tunes you will remember!

If you would like to perform a Beatles song or know of any others who would like to please let us know!

We would also like to hear from you if you have any posters, photos, memorabilia you are willing to lend us for an exhibition in the village hall.

The Beatlefest will start at 12 midday and will continue till late. There will be several food kiosks, bar, music performed throughout the day and other attractions. Look out for further information!

Open Gardens 6th/7th June

Open gardens will take place again in St. Michaels with some beautiful and interesting gardens for you to visit! Some familiar and some new to view.

Please put these dates in your diary and start collecting some bric-a-brac, tombola prizes and garden paraphernalia you may no longer need!

Flower Workshop

On Saturday morning 25th April there will be a flower making workshop with recycled plastic bottles. We plan to make these large flowers for the Open Gardens weekend. If you would like to join this workshop 10am – 12pm please let Anne Wallace know.

You need to bring your own scissors and you will be expected to use spray paint and a glue gun.

Please can you start collecting large and small plastic bottles.

Thank you for your support.