Review: Open Gardens

The village hall committee would like to say a very big thank you to everyone who made the Open Gardens event, over 2 days, a brilliant success and a very enjoyable and memorable occasion.

So many people worked hard to created beautiful gardens, plants to sell, books, honey, garden tools, pots, art work, crafts tombola and delicious teas. Of course many helped to advertise, move chairs and tables, prepare scones and cakes, put up bunting and balloons, direct traffic and help car parking.

Our weekend produced a handsome profit of £2,500 which is a huge help towards our needs for the refurbishment and extension of the village hall.

Thanks you so much

Ros Plested

Review: St Michaels Village Open Gardens

An alternative to the Village Fete? This was the subject of a village hall committee meeting many months ago. Quite a departure but recent attendances to the annual fete had been declining, not helped by
inclement weather and the fact that fetes involve a lot of work!
An additional factor was the need to raise money to fund the proposed improvements to the Village Hall. These are extensive involving the entrance area and toilets for which planning approval has been obtained.

A separate committee was formed as considerable planning was needed for what was something never attempted before. The main consideration was what to do as St Michaels covers quite a large area.

The result took everyone by surprise and its success silenced the doubters.
Quoting the gardens to visit says it all. Woodland Garden, Rose Garden, the Rectory Garden, Work in Progress, Silver Tree & Pond, The Beekeeper’s Garden, Mayor’s Place, Children’s Garden, The Potting Shed, The Bookseller’s Garden, Cottage Garden & Golf and last but not least The Plantsman’s Garden. It was possible to spend an hour looking round the Plantsman’s Garden alone! In fact, many people paid visits on both days!

Obviously the starting point was the village hall where, in addition to buying a ticket, there was a variety of yummy cakes, cream teas, coffee and Pimms drink available. Additionally, there were arts and craft stalls, tombla and a display by Tenbury Floral Arts. The cooling Pimms drink proved very desirable on the Saturday, the hottest day of the year!

Many gardens offered additional attractions including a putting competition, croquet and slides and trampolining for the children. Others helped to raise funds including the sale of plants, second hand garden tools and equipment, honey and garden books.

The Woodland Garden was the furthest to reach along a bridlepath through beautiful countryside which involved a 10 minute walk. Well worth the walk however with its magnificent trees and the Cadmore brook running through it. An art exhibition by the St. Michaels Art Group was a bonus together with the generosity of the owner, running tired and overheated visitors back to the village hall in his car.

The fine weather was a help but the event attracted many who had not visited St Michaels before, some from as far away as Cornwall! Despite setting a special car parking area aside it became necessary to park along the roadside too, due to the huge attendance. The atmosphere and friendliness of everyone attending the event, be they villagers or visitors, was something to note. Is it something to do with gardens, gardeners and St Michaels? A substantial amount of money was raised!

The jury is out now…….…..after this huge success should the event be repeated next year?

Tony Penn

Reynard the Fox – Review

Well, what a surprise to welcome the wonderful Fabularium company with their fantastic story and presentation of Reynard the Fox.

The company arrived at 1pm and set up some wonderful scenery which filled a large rent a van, the headdresses were brushed and combed and musical instruments tuned!

This was our first try at entertaining the family from a theatre company, quite an adventure in itself and an experiment in our village hall.

At 4:30pm I couldn’t have told you whether or not we would have an audience or not but in the following 15 mins a lovely trickle of families entered the village hall and filled the seating in no time, a little like rent a crowd as 43 stated to watch a lovely story of the Rascal Reynard the fox, the lovable rogue of the forest.

The story telling style blended with puppetry, live music and song together with wonderful masks and many characters made for a lovely family show. Thank you to Fabularium and to you the audience for supporting.



On Saturday 4th May our ever friendly and helpful West Mercia Police officers Teresa Howells-Brown and Vanessa Snape came along to the village hall to offer their advice and information to further secure our properties, bikes, computers, garden tools and strimmers were bought along for security marking and a lot of advice given out.

We thank Teresa and Vanessa for their time and efforts on the 4th and the many signs and leaflets they bought along. If anyone does have a large item they particularly want marking for security reasons please contact the Tenbury and Martley safer Neighbourhood team 101 or leave a message 01905 725780 or 07814 040307.

Thank you,

Live and Local – ‘It Is Now’ Review

‘It Is Now’, Shindig play by Anonymous is a woman company.

We welcomed the company “Anonymous is a woman” on Thursday 28th march to set up, rig lightening and press costumes, create a wedding reception setting and tuck into a St. Michaels tea before performing a thoroughly enjoyable and professional programme of “It is now”.

The enthusiasm and talent of the young cast combined with the audience involvement as wedding guests on the day of the 1966 World cup proved in all to be a very enjoyable evening. It is now was an excellent entertaining evening all round! Well done! (Sandra Pagett)

The wedding reception is held on 30th July 1966 which is etched on our memories of that world cup so very much. Alas for the wedding party this helps to cause chaos but the audience all 56 of us were totally mesmerised and taken aback to the 60,s with the music and involvement as wedding guests and interactive characters. The play was delivered by 4 excellent actors and actresses, delightful in their own right and exceptionally clever at their craft.

For those of us who can remember, a number of issues around the 60’s were mentioned and subtly slipped in it certainly took us back and made us think and most of all LAUGH.

LIVE and Local — sponsored by local councils and Arts councils.

I don’t know how much people are aware, but Live and Local (shindig) company are exactly as they say -LIVE- theatre,music,puppetry, dance, groups, individuals and -LOCAL— to our county, being Worcestershire. They provide theatre for counties in the midlands.

At the beginning of the season we are invited to have a taster of the years programme in one of the village halls in Worcestershire., returning with the responsible job of choosing a topic that we hope will go down well with everyone.Then after form filling and phone calls we bid for a 1st,2nd and 3rd choice hopefully getting a successful choice which will be popular and draw an audience in.

After dates, times are sorted with the individual company we start promoting with posters everywhere, selling tickets, then arrange arrival which is usually 3 to 5 hours before the performance, help sort the staging, lighting and props, look after the cast and their needs, feed and water them and wait for you all to experience a good theatre in the sticks! After which the clearing away and finalising paper work concludes.These excellent groups of people work so hard- they are the masters of their craft and an honour for us to experience as you have done. Thank you.

“It is now” captured our attention in our own surroundings, “Reynard the Fox” (a first experiment of family performance theatre) will be received well we hope. Unfortunately we don’t make a lot of money on these performances as we agree a figure before the shows and very little profit is made. But they are delightful to welcome and so good to offer a variety to our events calendar in the village hall.


If there was ever any question that Christmas 2018 was just around the corner, then the St Michaels Singers, who entertained us with their Christmas Crackers concert, left no doubt in anyone’s mind and certainly made sure that by the time we left, we were all well and truly in the festive mood.

The concert was performed on 20 and 21 December, and was well attended on both evenings. It was held in The Village Hall, adorned with Christmas decorations, and in the interval we were served hot mince pies while the raffle was drawn. The choir, directed by Jacqui Cable and accompanied by their wonderful pianist, Kath Ainsworth, performed a most entertaining programme of seasonal songs, carols and readings, and managed to convey the true spirit of Christmas with selections from the traditional and festive to the light-hearted and comical. Their opening chorus of ‘Angels Sing Glory’ showed just how versatile, talented and hard working they are to achieve such a rousing opener and their ‘Variations on Fa La La’ took us from the well- known chorus into a surprising journey culminating in the ‘1812’ with accompanying cymbals and explosions! On the way there were many highlights including the beautiful ‘He is Born’ and a delightful duet with Geoff and Jacqui singing ‘Christmastime’ and… yes, who can fail to mention Peter and his rendition of Goodness Gracious! The sketch of an alternative ‘Cinderella’ story was very entertaining and well narrated by Ros, ably assisted by Chris , Mike , Muriel, Geoff and Lesley. A special mention must go to the MC, Mike Jordan who, as well as introducing the proceedings, entertained the audience with a selection of Christmas cracker jokes which made us laugh and groan in equal measure!

There was plenty of opportunity for audience participation starting with Hark the Herald Angels Sing’ and ‘Silent Night’ and in the second half  very one joined in ‘Must be Santa’ with lots of enthusiasm. By the second attempt at ‘Christmas is Coming’ we started to sound quite tuneful, though I’m not sure Jacqui would agree!

They were thoroughly enjoyable evenings, and we all say a big Thank You to the St Michaels Singers. Also a big thank you to Muriel who raised £198 on the raffle.

Cherry and Robin

Review: Skittles Evening

A great evening of skittles, team events and individual. A great deal of enjoyment was had by a very big turn out, lots of cheering and shouting went on. Competition was high and a great mix of ages who enjoyed the atmosphere of the evening.

A big thank you to Vernon Albert and his friends who organised the evening- it certainly was a huge success. Thanks to the kitchen girls for preparing delicious ploughman’s suppers. We had a birthday boy—it was a pleasure to sing happy birthday to Jim Franklin and see him blow his candle out.

A very big Thank you to you all for coming and helping to put away chairs and tables at the end!

Thank you,

Review: Beetle Drive

We started the year off with a hilarious, energetic fun game evening of several rounds of beetle drive. A lot of people came out on a cold winters evening and went home happy and warmed up by good fun from such a simple old fashioned game. A great mixture of young and older attended, no cheating occurred or at least very little?

Thankyou to all for joining us, thankyou to Mike and Mary for running the evening.

A good start to our social programme and all tucked up in bed by 9.30pm!

New years Eve party

Quite an amazing old fashioned fun filled party was held again in the village hall- filled with a delightful group of people both local and visitors. The tables had been set with candlelight and festive cheer, a wonderful bring and share meal prepared and displayed and a simple no fuss atmosphere as soon as you walked in! And we did, having just landed at Bristol airport from Madeira, so what a wonderful greeting and welcomed great team had put together, Thank you to all who worked so hard to prepare such an evening.

As well as a lovely feast there was a great picture quiz and multiple choice quiz to work on, the shed men sang and played to us and Stuart set to with some hilarious games involving blow up instruments and dancers which I’m not prepared to describe! Fizz at midnight and good wishes bought such a night to a successful and happy end.

Village Christmas Dinner

Following the Birmingham University singers concert of lessons and carols on the 15th December, many people found themselves in the village hall enjoying a lovely Christmas meal. There was an immediate warm frenzy as people came in, ready to relax a little after the activities of village life in December!

A lovely meal was served, this year by our young Brazilian couple, Louis and Emmanuelle, the committee looking after us with a good bar, novelties, a quiz to sing for and some rather naughty jokes! It was as usual a very pleasant interlude in the hub of Christmas activities.