Celebration of Cultures

Just a quick reminder that you are very welcome to join us at St Michael’s Church on Sunday 3rd December at 2pm to celebrate cultures with young people from King’s College Saint Michael’s and Tenbury High Ormiston Academy. The programme includes music, drama and readings from both schools.

On Sunday 3rd December, 2pm to 4pm, Kings College Saint Michael’s and Tenbury High Ormiston Academy are holding an event as a collaboration between both schools, in the hopes of creating a link within our community. It will showcase a variety of talents from a range of young people from each school, and will raise money for a local charity. The performances will take place in St Michael’s Church. All are welcome to join us afterwards for light refreshments in the College.

A Tug of War match between teams from each school was planned but due to the ongoing wintery weather, we have postponed the Tug of War match until the spring.

A partnership between Saint Michaels International College and THOA has been developing for a number of years with the aim of encouraging young people from both schools to meet and share experiences. Activities have included art projects linked to the Mistletoe Festival and participation in both schools Talent Shows. These initiatives have enabled young people from the two establishments to develop an understanding of each other’s cultural backgrounds and provided a platform for better community cohesion.

Caroline Palethorpe