Proposed upgrade of existing village hall facilities for the benefit of the community

We wish to inform you all that the committee are proposing to extend the entrance of the village hall at St. Michaels.

Our remit is to improve and replace the toilet facilities including disabled and changing facilities, cloakroom area, a wider entrance for disabled people and young mothers with double and single buggies and a larger, lighter more usable entrance area which could also double up as a meeting space, information and exhibition area.

We are beginning planning procedures and applications for grants so
its very much collecting information at this stage.

We would appreciate any correspondence from anyone who can put forward in writing support for such a project. As you are aware the hall is widely used for a number of activities on a regular user basis as well as individual private functions.

We look forward to hearing and receiving any thoughts from you in
particular to support our grant and planning applications.

Stuart Plested