Book Review – Tightrope by Simon Mawer

Simon Mawer’s latest spy thriller is set in post-war England. The main character, Marian Sutro, a tough, resourceful heroine, arrives back from France having been betrayed and imprisoned in a German Concentration Camp. Emaciated and traumatised, she tries to return to some semblance of her old life. But the past is never far behind and soon, associates and lovers from the past creep back and the allure of intrigue is too strong to resist.

Tightrope is a complex story of a strong woman who has to make some difficult choices, questioning where her loyalty lies. Who knows what and who is telling the truth? Is it OK to do bad things for a good cause?

Our group felt that this was a real page turner filled with tension and questions. All the characters, although flawed, leapt from the page, wanting to be heard. We are all fans of this excellent author.