June Update

Black Country night

On May the 18th we were treated to a wonderful performance from the Rotundas! Around 8 years ago the rotundas performed here for one of their first evenings! We were always amazed at their songs and story telling in their own music and created songs. They have grown in wonderful material and entertainment which is especially professional! Who ever you are you would enjoy their performances! Emily and Matt have joined them adding extremely good quality voices and violin and instrumental additions!

The audience were captivated and found they learned a lot about industry and canals around the midlands esp the Black Country and Birmingham!

We had a most enjoyable supper of faggots/sausage and peas and a very cheerful audience who certainly left with happy faces and cries of ”when will they return?“

Thankyou for your support to a most successful evening!

Kite— ‘ the ten mile stretch’

Very recently, I took the train from Ludlow to Crewe to visit an old friend  from college days. In order to safely travel to and from the station without the added stress of parking all day or for longer I used the extended services of KITE!!

It made the day out so much more enjoyable with the comfort of knowing someone was dropping me off and collecting at the end of the journey day. This can be done  at Ludlow or Leominster.

At Ludlow there is an excellent privately owned ticket office, the three men who work there are so helpful, working your journey out to the last detail and getting you the best prices. Just before I alighted the train I bought a coffee from them at the very decent price of £1.00!!

Do consider this service in future whether for a day trip or a longer journey and use our wonderful KITE service further.

With our extension of a ten mile radius this year— KITE should be more in demand and more useful to you, this includes any need you may have to visit Leominster, Ludlow, Bromyard towns.


It was 6th June on a rather chilly evening, though bright and light, when a group of approx. 20 hardy souls arrived armed with chairs, bottles, glasses and sausage rolls to meet and cheer the 80th year of the Normandy  D Day landings.

We were on the common around the pond by the silver tree, sitting in the newly mowed pathways of our beautiful common. The view into the sunset and Clee hill was clear and glorious. We awaited for the lighting of the beacon, which had been announced for 9.15 pm.

Alas— it didn’t appear to us!! Whether it was in a small basket and we couldn’t make it out? BUT at 10.20 we decided we had raised our glasses to this memorable occasion and the warmth of our homes beckoned.

When things go well its great!! When they don’t go to plan — always good to look for someone to blame! So I’ll put my hands up to that! But add that it was so good to see you all and enjoy our friendly community spirit!

Only the previous day we received a visit from Natural Networks  / Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, who had popped in to see the pond. They reported seeing grass snakes curled up by the waters edge and some beautiful fauna surrounding. They were very complimentary on the up keep of the pond, it is an ongoing project, a place for us all to enjoy.! 

Midsummer Madness

The Midsummer Madness supper dance was held on a lovely evening for a change! We even had a fly past form the red arrows just before we began!!

The hall was decorated to its best summer style, with lovely flowers and balloons, candles lit lovely summery table settings and the room was filled with a great variety of friends and neighbours, old and new.

There was a delightful atmosphere and we welcomed a delicious supper, from Phil’s team! It was a first time in a long time to welcome Phil himself! After his winter accident.

John Bryan bought his wonderful band, Scratch along to play familiar tunes for sing along and dance. He set just the right balance and all 55 attendees enjoyed a summer supper dance to remember!